Self Discovery Studio


Self Discovery

Life is an invitation into an amazing adventure of True Self Discovery!

Every moment provides a fresh opportunity to realize what we are!

Self Discovery Studio

What we really are is absolutely amazing... bright and shiny... beyond description... and so powerful!

What we really are exists forever... can't die... can't even age!

Self Discovery Studio

What we really are is pure... and compassionate without boundaries... and loving without conditions!

This is absolutely true!

Self Discovery Studio

Our lives are a journey in which we usually get identified with our human form and forget our True Nature.  We get lost in the mind and all of the fears and worries that come from feeling lonely and vulnerable.

We can spend a lifetime trying to find something that will bring us peace and happiness.  We keep trying to control the external conditions of our lives with the belief that if we could just get everything to be a certain way... then we could be happy and peaceful.

Eventually we see that we aren't able to get everything and everyone to comply with our "solution" to life.  We see the futility of the external search and our attention turns within.

And this is where the True Self is discovered!

This very life you are living... is an invitation into True Self Discovery!

Self Discovery Studio